St Thomas SyrianLebonese Dinner - Sioux-city -
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St Thomas SyrianLebonese Dinner


Date: Sunday, 19 of May of 2013 14h00
City: Sioux-City
Local: Saint Thomas Orthodox Church

St. Thomas Syrian-Lebanese Dinner

Sunday, May 19th 2013 12:00 to 6:00 PM

Dine-in or Carry-out $10 for Adults & $5 for kids.

The Menu:

Kibby - A very tasty meatloaf made with lean ground-beef and cracked bulgur-wheat. The kibby is seasoned with cinnamon and allspice -- delicious!

Yabrah - Cabbage leaves, rolled and stuffed with a spiced blend of beef, rice and tomatoes.

Lubee - Green-beans in a tomato and meat sauce.

Ruz - Syrian rice (buttery white-rice accented with tiny orzo pastas).

Salata - Syrian salad with our own Bear Necessity Salad Dressing.

Talamee - Syrian bread, indescribably tasty.

Baklawa - Classic Mediterranean dessert made with fillo dough, butter, and walnuts in a sweet syrup.

Be sure also to visit the Bake Sale where you can purchase

baklawa, loaves of Syrian-bread (talamee) and other Mediterranean delights!