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Fort Collins
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Halloween 2013 @ Aggie Theatre in FoCo  Mixtape 1980 in Fort Collins/CO
30 People

Halloween 2013 @ Aggie Theatre in FoCo Mixtape 1980

Date: Friday, 01 of November de 2013 from 00h00
City: Fort Collins
Local: Aggie Theatre

As an exciting departure from our previous Halloween Tribute shows, this year we will be using only 1980 as a year in music to draw our material. We are compiling some of the most booty shaking funk, rock, R&B, soul, and of course, plenty of hits from that year to create a slamming night of dance music and improvisation. And we'll be inviting some special guest musicians for these amazing nights of music. This is a party not to be missed!

Ticket link: Coming Soon
All ages
Showtime: 9pm

Want to spread the word about the show in exchange for a spot on the guest list? Email erin@bloomingfootprint.com and we'll get you started!