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Terre Haute
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Autism Awareness Walk in Terre Haute/IN
13 People Female 10 Male 3

Autism Awareness Walk

Date: Saturday, 21 of September de 2013 from 10h00
City: Terre Haute
Local: Terre Haute, Indiana

ok since I didn't get to many ppl to sign up or say they would do the walk in indy I found the walk for terre haute it isn't until September 21st so then we have even more time to raise money. if you have any fundraising ideas please let me know. im going to b doing bake sales and car washes all summer. any tshirt ideas will be greatly appreciated if you or your company donates we will put your name on the back of the shirts. if you went to the link and signed up for the walk in indy I will post the new link to sign up. invite all your friends and family to come join us on this walk. it effects more children then you know.