Magic PTQ Born of the Gods - Fond-du-Lac -
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35 People

Magic PTQ Born of the Gods


Date: Saturday, 16 of November of 2013 12h00
City: Fond-Du-Lac
Local: Spectrum Roller Rink
Street: 605 Fond du Lac Avenue

Chimera Hobby Shop presents:

Pro Tour Qualifier Born of the Gods (Sealed - Theros)

Qualifying tournament for Pro Tour Born of the Gods in Valencia! Winner will receive an invite and airfare to the Pro Tour.

Registration: 9:00 a.m.

Start Time: 10:00 a.m.

Entrance fee: $35

Format: Limited - Sealed Deck

Notes: This sealed deck format will use booster packs from the Theros expansion.

Format Description: Main decks must contain a minimum of forty cards. There is no maximum deck size. All cards a player received but is not using in his or her main deck become that player's sideboard.

Players are not restricted to four of any one card in Limited tournament play. Any drafted or opened cards not used in a player's Limited deck function as his or her sideboard. The sideboard may not be kept where it could be confused or switched with other cards.

Structure: Swiss

Structure Description: The principle of a Swiss tournament is that each player will be pitted against another player who has done as well (or as poorly) as him or herself. Each round, players who win receive 3 points, those who draw receive one point and losers receive no points. Win, lose, or draw, all players proceed to the next round. In subsequent rounds, players face opponents with the same (or almost the same) score. No player is paired up against the same opponent twice however. In some events, after Swiss rounds there will be a cut to a single-elimination playoff between the top players.

Prizes: First place receives an invitation and plane ticket to play at the Pro Tour Born of the Gods in Valencia! Other prizes will be current packs depending on attendance. Check back often for updates to prize list.