Gringo’s Restaurant Needs Your Help!!!! - Greenville -
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Gringo’s Restaurant Needs Your Help!!!!


Date: Thursday, 19 of September of 2013 17h00
City: Greenville
Local: City Hall

Hola Gringo’s Friends!

We can’t believe it’s already September and the past four months of being a part of this amazing Greenville community has flown by! Getting your feedback about our restaurant has been really important to us and one common request keeps cropping up: “Keep the patio open until 2AM instead of closing it at midnight!” Well friends, we have wanted this too, and now we are ready to take Gringo’s to the next level!!!

Currently, Gringo’s is the only establishment in the Downtown Business District that is forced to close their patio at midnight. (Booo….. but that’s okay. We like to play by the rules.) We have proven ourselves to be a responsible business that can maintain a respectable environment, and we feel we have earned the right for this ruling to change. We are formally asking the BZA committee to allow Gringo’s to keep our patio open until 2AM. A hearing is being held to make a ruling on this request. So, here’s what we need from you:

• Show up to the hearing on Thursday, September 19 at 4pm to show your support for Gringo’s

• Tell the board about the great experiences you have had at our establishment. (Bonus points if you also let the board know how Gringo’s provides a relaxed environment where you fine people all behave yourselves and still have a good time!!!)

• Last, but certainly not least, join us at Gringo’s after the hearing to enjoy an early Happy Hour where we will celebrate having the best customers in Greenville!

Your support at this hearing is crucial and the committee needs to see and hear from the good folks of Greenville! See everyone on the 19th!