Green Gallery Opening: :Upcycled by Jake Wells - Nashville -
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Green Gallery Opening: :Upcycled by Jake Wells


Date: Saturday, 22 of February of 2014 19h00
City: Nashville
Local: Turnip Green Creative Reuse
Street: 535 4th Ave. South

Join Turnip Green Creative Reuse in welcoming Jake Wells to the Green Gallery. We will be partnering with Platetone Printmaking, Paper and Book Arts during the Print Revival to bring Nashville this great show. A special musical set, handpicked by our gallery artist, will be performed by Patrick Kinsley at 7:00. Local foods, cheer and camaraderie will accompany the evening.

This body of work explores a variety of themes, but is united by the common thread of reused material. I play off the associations we might have with a particular material, and then try to re-present it in a provocative way. I’m intrigued by the fact that in nature there is no waste, instead death feeds new life. Humans have become out of synch with this law of nature. My work attempts to reconnect the viewer with this reality.