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Redwood City
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Final Jury Trial for Sheriff Deputy Brandon Hatt in Redwood City/CA
4 People


Final Jury Trial for Sheriff Deputy Brandon Hatt

Date: Wednesday, 11 of September de 2013 from 00h00
City: Redwood City
Local: 400 County Center

Update: The trial is going to be further delayed to review text messages that the defendant sent and received the night of the theft. Trial will either be later in September or November.

Sheriff Deputy Brandon Hatt will be facing the jury for one count of grand theft for stealing music teacher Jesse Mathews' trumpet and jacket and throwing them from the window of his car. He was caught on video, yet refuses a plea bargain. In the meantime, he has been on administrative leave and may still be collecting an income from the SMC Sheriff Department. Come watch the trial and bring your friends!