ENVISION Developing Stronger Allyship Skills in Support of Transgender People of Color - Berkeley -
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ENVISION Developing Stronger Allyship Skills in Support of Transgender People of Color


Date: Monday, 18 of November of 2013 21h30
City: Berkeley
Local: Gender Equity Resource Center
Street: 202 Cesar Chavez

ENVISION: White Anti-Racist Network at GenEq

Transgender Awareness Week Edition!

For Transgender Awareness Week, ENVISION will be focusing our discussion on how white students, faculty and staff can be stronger allies to transgender people of color, including talking about allyship as a practice not an identity. There are challenges and forms of discrimination that transgender people of color experience, which white transgender people do not. We'll be using several articles as launching points to talk about how cisgender and transgender white people can be stronger allies and anti-racists in support of transgender people of color. Everyone welcome!


What is ENVISION: The White Anti-Racist Network @ GenEq?

ENVISION is a discussion space designed to equip white* students, faculty and staff with the tools to analyze white privilege and to challenge racism within and beyond our campus' women's and queer communities. ENVISION supports the development of anti-racist practices and can serve as a supplement to social justice work in other spaces on campus. We welcome participants who are already actively involved in such spaces, as well as folks who are new to social justice work and interested in these conversations

*ENVISION focuses on white students, faculty and staff for three reasons: 1) it shifts the burden off of people of color to educate white people about racism and oppression; 2) white people can play an important role in supporting each other to challenge racism; and 3) it creates an atmosphere that allows white people to share more openly and honestly about race, creating more opportunities for growth and learning.


For accommodations see: http://access.berkeley.edu

Questions or concerns? Feel free to contact the ENVISION facilitators:

Marisa: mboyce@berkeley.edu

Casey: caseyenglish@berkeley.edu

Travis: tdunlop@berkeley.edu