Benefit for Mark Segna - Weaverville -
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Benefit for Mark Segna


Date: Saturday, 28 of September of 2013 14h00
City: Weaverville
Local: Lake Louise, Weaverville

As you may know my dad, Mark Segna, was just diagnosed this past Thanksgiving with a glioblastoma brain tumor (for those of you who don't know what this means, it is the most severe and aggressive form of brain cancer). He has currently been undergoing chemo treatments to attempt to slow the progression of the tumor. My mom has been taking care of him day in and day out, and has recently lost her job due to a layoff. She is trying her best to keep up with everything, but the treatments and doctor bills are very expensive, on top of other daily life expenses.

A wonderful friend of mine, Heather Waldrup, has decided to organize a benefit for my dad to raise money to help pay for the doctor bills and treatments. We are planning to hold the event in Weaverville at the Clubhouse right behind Lake Louise, on Saturday September 28th from around 1PM - 4PM. We are planning to have games and prizes (so please feel free to bring your children!), food, a silent auction, a bake sale, and various other things that are to be announced. Thank you all for your time and support!